I don’t know how I feel about today.

On one hand, I got to actually be in pharmacy rather than just at the computer in the consult room. I got to count pills and help out a little bit, which was really awesome.

But I also made mistakes. Like, I know it’s normal and natural to make mistakes but these made me feel really stupid??? Like was I not paying attention or did she not specifically tell me to do that. It’s half and half.

Our managing pharmacist is really quiet. And I know all about that because I am too and my whole family is and I know that quiet comes off cold but I don’t even think it’s just that. I think she is rather cold with me. Maybe it’ll get better when we warm up to each other.

But my feet hurt so bad. Curse you, wide feet. I can’t wait for my new shoes to get here.

You know, taking notes

You know, taking notes

Welp, it’s official. North Dakota doesn’t get an autumn :(

Welp, it’s official. North Dakota doesn’t get an autumn :(

When you forget dad’s also in the family group chat… This is the greatest

Work in 20. Still in bed. This weather got me fucked.

………… Hm.

2 new pants
2 new sweaters
1 nose ring retainer
1 pair of comfy work shoes
$100 spent

Thank god for parents who understand I needed new clothes for work.

I went from literally being able to show my tattoos and piercings and show up in sweatpants and a messy bun to having to dress professionally and I had nothing to wear. I literally own one pair of black pants, which are too big, and one pair of khakis, which are too tight. My life.

I’m still thinking about this. Like, at what point in time is she going to leave the freshmen in high school mentality behind? Yes. Heartbreak is real and it hurts and it changes you and makes you question everything. But at 23 fucking years old, you should be smarter than that. You should know that the goal of dating is marriage, it’s spending the rest of your life with one person. NOT EVERYONE YOU DATE CAN BE YOUR PERSON. You might not work. You might not be compatible. You probably won’t be. There are sooo many people in the world and sooo many options, for both of you. There is a 1 in (however many people you date) chance that you will be a forever thing. It is natural to feel hurt, yes. But it’s also natural for them to move on. It’s okay if they didn’t love you like you loved them or if they felt something somewhere else. NOT EVERY GIRL THAT YOUR EX MOVES ON TO IS A WHORE. Maybe they’re just more compatible. I understand she’s using this to write songs and is trying to keep her target audience happy, but she isn’t, in any way shape or form, providing these girls who look up to her with realistic expectations or goals. She’s teaching them to be bitter and cold. She’s teaching them that as a fully functional adult, it’s okay to call names and throw blame and have temper tantrums. I cannot stand it. Yes, it was cute at first when she was 15 and it was normal. But at 23 or 24 years old, it’s time to grow up and realize that you’re living real life. That it hurts, but it happens and most of the time, it’s for the better. There are a billion topics in the world to sing about… Make your songs count.


i am really excited about the 6 and i really don’t want to wait, but i think i’m going to. i think i’ll probably wait until the madness calms and get mine in like, late october or november. whenever the back order catches up. i’ve done the whole wait list thing for the 5 AND 5s and it is agony.