I feel like I’m dying. Before bed, I took my acid reducer dry. I didn’t have water, so I just swallowed it. Now, in the middle of the night, I’m being forced awake, not by heartburn as usual, but by the awful taste of a melting pill and the need to cough. I can’t stop coughing and I coughed so hard I threw up. But I threw up a yellow mucusy substance that all came up at once. Like a mucus puke jello mold. I’m confused about it and it’s STILL bugging me, like I need to keep coughing but it’s late and I’m loud and I want to sleep.

My memory foam shoes just came. It is like walking on a thousand clouds. Bless Skechers. Bless.

The drive from my parents house is like, an hour and I swear I had to fight like hell to not fall asleep behind the wheel. There were a couple times when I was seriously considering pulling over to sleep. I’m so tired, it’s pathetic.



Okay so Wet Seal has a sale today like, 70 ADDITIONAL % off clearance sale, and so I bought some stuff for my sisters for Christmas. The grand total, before any sale, was $138.40. With clearance, and the additional 70% and a 10% promo code, I paid $35.41. That includes tax and shipping. I’m gonna rock shopping this year.

Dove chocolate, Dr. Pepper, the Gilmore Girls and an ambien. That is the literal definition of a perfect Friday night.

When I die, it’s going to be because I never listen when the tylenol bottle says “do not exceed 6 tabs in 24 hours” PUH-LEASE. I take 4 at a time.

My sister gave me money so now I don’t have to cook but I do have to put my pants back on and idk which is worse.

I am so fucking mad. I was in a good mood 10 fucking seconds ago when I was outside and now I’m pissed. I walk into my apartment and it STINKS like fucking weed. I ALMOST BROUGHT A CHILD INTO MY HOUSE. My pharmacist was going to have me babysit for her and now I am SOOOO glad she got her work done so I didn’t have to. Can you imagine if I brought a 4 year old child into a house that smells like pot???? And on top of that, I HATE the smell when I’m not smoking. It makes me nauseous. I’m so livid.